#TravelThursday Let's go partying!

Travelling is fun, especially when you experience all the things your destination has to offer, including the nightlife!

But, is there anything you need to know or watch out for when travelling?
Let's see...


If you are travelling to a place where you already have a friend that lives there, good for you. But even if you do not, never fear. You can ask tour guides, hotel staff etc but PLEASE take precautions.

The aim is someone who knows all the fun spots and places to stay away from!


You know what would really suck? If you were far away from home on holiday, having the time of your life, and then, you got arrested!

Learn the dos and don'ts of where you are. What is allowed and what is banned? Are there age restrictions for buying alcohol or being in a club?


I think this is even important at any time of the day, but especially at night, because if you take in something not compatible with your body system, medical care might be harder to get.

So watch what you eat or drink, avoid trying out strange foods, especially if you have allergies.

Paris has some of the best wine tasting places i have been to, yet i will not jump in and just drink anything without checking properly. Unless you want to spend youur fun night in the toilet.


Apart from changing to the right currency, before you carry yourself out of the house, you also have to be sure of how much things cost.

Hennessy and Moet are not the same price everywhere, so please know prices before ordering, especially if you are in a strange place.

Do not be so sure, you can swipe your card. And always carry extra money for emergency, you don't want to end up washing plates in a strange club somewhere.

I hope these tips help!.

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