#TravelThursday: Tips on Tipping... ha ha ha


So it is another #TravelThursday and this time, i wanted to chat a little about tipping!
You know how you travel and you are a bit lost as to how, when and if to tip? I remember a scene in a movie once where after the bellhop had brought the luggage in, he just sort of stood around and the guest did not know why till they explained to her that she was supposed to have tipped him.
Then even when you want to tip, you may not know how much may be too much or too little!
It really can be confusing but here are some tips that can help you get out of that...

- CHECK before you TIP!

Why? While tipping is celebrated and expected in some places, it is actually frowned upon in others, Fir example, tipping in countries like Japan, China, Vietnam and Malaysia is a no no while a lot of European and African countries welcome it.

- LOOK out for the TIP jar
Some restaurants, hotels, and even cabs have tip jars strategically placed so you can just put in the jar.
Then in some countries, tips are already automatically added to your bill ('gratuity').

In these cases, if you still want to leave something because of how good the service was or directly for one person, you can then leave a little smaller than you normally would.

Who really wants to calculate?
Well you have to so you get a good range of what to tip.
You can give waiters, shop assistants etc a percentage of your total bill; perhaps 5 - 10percent. Anything from 5 to 20percent is acceptable.
Another good trick is to convert!
When you are spending different currency, you may feel a bit lost but if you convert it to your home currency in your mind, you can then determine how much you would tip at home and then give the equivalent.

- PLAN to come back? You better TIP!
You tend to tip where the service has been exceptionally good but i recommend tipping at places you want to be remembered. That way, you become a 'customer' as we say over here.

I hope these tips help you guys.
Do you have any travel tips of your own?

My tour guide at Cousins Island. I was very fascinated by his skin 

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