#FashionFriday One Jacket styled Three ways

You know how there are must-have items? Jackets are a must have.

Jackets, be they denim, leather, blazers or any of the million types out there, come in handy sometimes for purely aesthetic (fashion) reasons, and other times for practical reasons.
Jackets help to hide a multitude of sins (like love handles, flabby arms, et al), turn your look from simple to chic or official and help you layer like a pro.

It's cool to have the different kinds of jackets but even the most basic one can be versatile.
Check out how I rocked one jacket in three totally different ways.

This look is good for those who work in less formal environments, or for dress down at work days. It's also great for school, and higher institutions.

Brown Pants: Mango
Shoes: Bata
Hair and Make Up: Nikes Canvas

I'm a tshirt and shorts type of girl and if you are too, have fun with it. But turn your saturday-at-the-beach look to an everyday look by throwing a jacket on!

Shorts: Mango
Shoes: Tash

A dress is just a dress. But a dress with a jacket? Now that's a look.
Perfect for church and events. I wore this particular style for the 'Palmwine and Other Local Drinks' exhibition

Shoes: Tash
Make Up: Mogizzie

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