Blogging at the Digital Media Talk with Elsie Isy

Yesterday, Thursday the 27th of September, Elsie Isy held the 'MEETS MEDIA PRESENTS Digital Media Talk'.

With Elsie Isy, brain behind 'Digital Media Talk'

I was on a panel moderated by Princess Uvbi with Sally Dadzie and Laila Ijeoma, on 'Blogging as a Tool for Social Change'.

Apart from how and why I started, and giving tips on time management in response to a question from the audience, I was able to my thoughts on how blogging can be used to positively influence society.

I remember being taught, 'Instead of putting energy behind what you dislike, put your energy into creating what you do like'.

It is what I have tried to do with radio and yes, definitely also with blogs and social media. 'Alternative Music Naija' for example, is something I created to showcase the kind of music I love. I do football as told by women via Pink Football, run OAP 101 for media personalities and 'ShopTosyn' to s.h.a.r.e style inspiration.

If you're reading this and you want to start something, remember that what you do can have an impact on one or more lives so go into it with passion, and purpose.

It wasn't just panel business though. I finally met some people I have always admired, and also saw my favs like Olorisupergal and Demola Expoze.

With Tosin Ajibade of 'Olorisupergal'

See more pictures below.

Dress by Makioba. 

When I realised there was no Jollof Rice

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