#TBDaily Monday High... but does it go downhill from there?

Sunday evenings when I was younger meant a bit of mixed feelings. While what was on television was great, sundays meant I would have to go to school the next day.
I hated school.

When I started a job I loved however, Sundays came with a promise. I was usually rearing to go; like let us do this! 8 years later, still the same.
I love Mondays. On Mondays, I can fly, I feel productive, I tick most of my to-do list FOR THE WEEK.

Sadly, it starts to go downhill from there.

Sometimes Tuesdays are so anticlimactic that I wish they would end just as they begun. My Tuesday shows can be below par in my estimation; like I gave my all on Monday and I am now just handing out scraps.

It picks up on Wednesdays but yeah, by Friday, I am on another high- last day of the week, bring the weekend on type of high. Then I start it all over again on Sunday.

Is it like this for you or you're pretty much the same all week?
Let me know

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