#TBDaily Hidden Motives

I have a song titled Hidden Motives and you should listen to it here.

I wrote it because I had a crush on my friend's brother so I would call her, praying and hoping HE would pick up the phone not her. I was thinking about this and thought of how there are so many hidden motives behind seemingly simple things we do.
Ever fully asked yourself why you're making a certain move? Altruistic or no?

Why should we even bother with motives? Can't we just live?

Amen to that because I could definitely turn that energy I use to analyse into something more fun but even if we forget about the motives of others, what about OUR motives?

If you lie to people, that's bad, but if you lie to yourself, that is tragic. With a capital 'T'.
Be honest with yourself about your motives and acknowledge your imperfections. This honesty helps you in several ways including
- helping you know which battles are worth fighting
- helping you work on a flaw you have

And just like in my song, I will ask...
"...Who knows all the reasons we do the things we do
Who knows all the million hidden motives that we use"

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