#TBDaily Hey Monday... Bring on the 1st Monday in September

I am going to have to start wishing people a Merry Christmas because while January and February seemed to be slow, the rest of the year has gone by pretty fast.

I have had a different kind of ginger lately, thank God.
Thing with me is, when I feel it, I do it. The trick is to also be able to do it even when I do not feel it. May God help me o!

This week, I am looking forward to work, meetings, a dope feed on Instagram (yes, it is a thing), and being on top of my tasks. 

This weekend was a busy one. I bet you guys were kept busy with red carpet pictures and beautiful people. I loved it! It was also Ajebo D Comedian's comedy event and Inspiration FM partnered so we were there to support.
In between all of that, I was working, thinking, and believe it or not, writing and completing short films.. in my head. 

So, what is your prayer for the week?

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