#TBDaily x #SkincareSaturday I've been washing my face wrong....

I had an illuminating facial over the weekend courtesy Spa Royale and learnt one amusing fact- I've been washing my face all wrong!!!

It started with a simple question from Omoh, the spa CEO about what I clean my make up off with. I told her excitedly that I use baby wipes expecting a pat on the back. She seemed shock. But she did say that's at least not as bad as using some chemical products.
She mentioned that she first washes her face for about two minutes using a face wash...
Hol up
Two minutes?
If you are like me, you spend more time on your body than your face in the bath. You probably rub, rinse and leave?
Two minutes?
You have to rub that soap in and massage for two minutes? Who Has Time For That?

Well now I do because I kid you not, I washed my face for ONE minute (you can't walk if you don't crawl) last night and got more make up off that I usually would have in the past. Apart from getting more (if not all the dirt) off, washing your face for longer means you are actually also treating yourself to a massage which helps circulation.

Remember now, let us do this together- wash your face for two minutes... two full long could-be-doing-other-things minutes!

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