#ShopTosyn My First Week of Cartoon Tops

That should read 'cartoon tees' actually. I mean, what do you do when some of your favourite tees have cartoon and other characters on them?

I'll tell you what! These are my tips

* Toughen up!
Rock your cartoon t shirt with leather, with boots, with anything that makes it feel modern and tough. You'll love it!

* Be cute
Look, cartoon tees are cute so why are trying to be anything else but? Cute hair-styles, a 'Hello Kitty' button or hair pin here and there or even a skirt will make you cute. Don't over-do it though!

* Throw a Jacket on
I just keep extolling the virtue of jackets because they really are the "superman" of outfits. A jacket will transform your cartoon tee into a nice everydayy look, paired with jeans and heels (for work) or flats (for casual stuff).

Cartoon tees tend to be casual though so remember that.

Here's what else I rocked
Rocked my Minnie Mouse tee when Geoffrey and Shola from Project Fame swung by!

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