#ShopTosyn My First Week of Black and Blue

My themed week challenge continues. By the way, I set this challenge up for myself and have no clue when it will end.

I still have to try 'traditional outfits', skirts, sporty chic and more as a lot of you have suggested but this week felt random.

Till I noticed a pattern in my randomness- I was wearing a lot of blue and black.

Now blue and black are usually both dark colours, although there are different shades of blue like sky blue that are very bright. One usually doesn't reach for blue after black and vice versa, but as my week shows, it's actually a fun combination.

Check these out.

My Tips


We tend to think of blue in terms of anything else but jeans but hey, guess the simplest way to style your black top? With a pair of jeans!!!


The shade of blue is important. A very dark shade turns the look into a black outfit while a light shade gives a little pop. Either works, but remember my favourite tip- accessorise right.


Since black is neutral, you really can go crazy with what else you rock this look with. I went comfortable and stuck mostly with brown but try pink and even white.

I hope these tips help.
Let me know what you think

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