#Hairsyn Getting your Hair into a Bun

When my hair was short, all i wanted was for it to be long. Then when my hair got long, i felt like there were no styles to work with.

My default style is the quick pack and go but whenever i sit with a professional, they would work magic on the hair and i just wanted to do the same!

Now you might have seen my previous hair tutorial on a style you can do in under ten minutes and if you haven't, here is the link.

10 min braid for natural hair

Back to my buns!

Hair packed in a bun is just so chic that it transforms every look. I had been trying but i never succeeded... until now.

First, thank you to Love Layefa and Sisi Yemmie for their up do challenge; it inspired me.

Sisi Yemmie and Love Layefa's Hair Up Do challenge

I'm going to make a youtube video soon (fingers crossed) but till then, what have i learnt.

* Brush your hair real well before your up-do or packing so that it stays in place and looks neat for longer. 

* Apply pressure. Sorry o, but up-dos will hurt. For the first few seconds. Then you'll be fine. Grab that hair tight and pack

* For my back bun, I used a trick I saw Love Layefa do. Basically you first pack with a rubber band, then you take in smaller strands each and plait, then tuck each plait into the rubber band.

* For the front bun, I used a cheat. There are some big buns you can pack your hair with then just tuck the strands into.

Let me know what you think and if you try it!

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