#4pminLagos Bringing Mary Poppins back? I don't know how i feel about that!!!

Part '2's are bad enough (did you ever watch Dirty Dancing or Grease 2?) but reboots can be a dodgy thing. While books like 'Cinderella' and 'Snow Whit' get reboots quite often (all claiming to have a new take on the story), reboots of 'classics' are usually not a good idea.

A movie like 'Grease' for example which was cleaned up and re-released still does well with its original story and cast. I watched 'Sounds of Music' with the original cast two weeks ago and was fine with it. So why is Disney trying to remake 'Mary Poppins'?

According to 'Variety', Mary Poppins will be remade with Rob Marshall set to direct. The story takes place in London twenty years after the original.

I know i sometimes wonder what happened to the 'Von Trapps' after they got on that hill, and wonder what 'Baby' did when she left that resort so maybe seeing Mary Poppins twenty years later won't be a bad idea.

But why?

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