#TBDaily x #TV Omoni Oboli scores with 'First Lady'.

This post has been a long time coming. A few days after seeing the movie but thankfully it's out now so you can go see it too!!!

I'm talking about "The First Lady" produced by Omoni Oboli and starring Omoni and Alex Ekubor.

I saw it on Tuesday at the premiere and typically you worry that maybe you won't love the movie but you're there at the premiere with the red carpet and cameras and complimentary champagne so you feel pressure...
No such pressure here. Just a jolly good time watching a funny movie.

A major highlight of this movie which tells the story of two different people from different backgrounds destined to meet in the weirdest of ways was Alex Ekubo.

Alex is hot.
We know.
He acts.
We know.
But in this movie, Alex shone. 
He was funny, he was 'Obama' (the name of his character), and he was "present". We found ourselves wanting him back on our screen, walking, hitting someone (yeah he was bad) or making up (like that lover you love to hate).

Another highlight was the cast in general. When they were good, like Alex, like Omoni (of course), like Yvonne Jegede and ?, they were good. 

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