#ShopTosyn My First Week of Clothes from Vintage Closet

When I began 'A Week of', I wasn't sure anyone was paying attention. But some of you really got into it, even making suggestions.

While I still want to try sporty week and maybe a week of heels (*hides*), I was most challenged by a week of skirts (gosh). Guess what though? I looked into my wardrobe and found my jeans and let's just say, I had weaned myself off them.
Good thing or bad?

'A Week Of' had me challenging myself and dressing to a theme and the exercise was actually therapeutic and exciting. I would think of a theme, check my wardrobe then mix and match. I loved the skirts and the dresses and the clothes. I mean, who doesn't love clothes?

Thankfully, the cool kids at 'Vintage Closet' also noticed and they sent me some stuff from their collection. I follow them on twitter and know they have amazing stuff but to get some to test drive? Ma ma mia!
It was disney of vintage wear.

I started with this floral top that spoke to me first.

What does a tomboy do with a floral top? Mix it up! I threw flats and leggings for a modern day 'joker' feel.

Then I went on to this skirt next.

When I kept looking at the skirt, I just knew I had to try something I haven't tried since my first year in uni- clashing patterns.
I think it turned out quite well with the whole styling making me look like a prim and proper tutor.

The school theme continued with this burgundy pants but this time, I became the cool school girl. 

And then I wrapped it up with a very simple casual look on Day 4.

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Tosyns Tips
1. If i could i would raid Temi Dollface's wardrobe because she does vintage right.
How is this a tip? Well get inspired! That's the tip
2. Belts, Hats, Gloves, Scarves, Fun
This is the week that lets you dare. Old is in, it never left
3. Mix and Clash
I'm surprised i immediately went for clashing patterns but it worked. The secret to clashing is pairing the patterns right or having a colour theme.

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