#TBDaily x #TV My fav 'o come on' Wardrobe scenes

I was watching "Quantico" the other day when for the umpteenth time since Priyanka Chopra had been on the run, i asked the tv, "Why hasn't she cut her hair???"

I mean, watch any prison break or fugitive movie and first thing they do is discard their old clothes, dye or cut their hair, and sometimes maybe buy chewing gum. I have never understood that last one sha.
But this is Episode 3 deep into Quantico and home girl still has her hair full, un dyed and looking like a million bucks.

That got me thinking about how
- In "Jurassic World", Bryce Dallas Howard went through the entire movie IN HEELS. She shot, fought off dinosaurs and even walked IN mud in her heels.

I can't even get through a short stroll in Lagos without needing my flats.
Na wa o

- In Quantico and indeed every cop series, the detectives chase criminals, arrest and handcuff, sometimes get punched and yet, their hair is neatly done.
My hair is natural and even the headphones at work roughen it and i have to believe wind, punches and dirt didn't get into your hair?

- In Aladdin (yes i had to go there), Jasmine and Aladdin go on this magic carpet ride (which i have now been told was a metaphor for something else but let me not ruin YOUR childhood) but Jasmine comes back and you guessed it; from hair to headwrap to make up, clothes and shoes, it was not a whole new world.

I've spent quieter days at home with rumpled clothes and stains but Jasmine can go on a magic carpet ride and not come back dishevelled????
What do you guys think?

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