#TBDaily Checking out...

I have a friend that used to 'check out'; his expression for not letting the weight of the world get to him and just taking time out for himself. But that was before he became a dad. Now he cannot afford to check out because he has no idea when the kid would need  him.

A lot of us check out. Life can get to you- feeling stuck at work, a bad break up, a bad day in Lagos traffic or just one of those days. And we all check out in different ways- some of us shut the world out, put some music on and zone out. Others go for lunch with friends with the phone off and then there are those who use some less than legal or advisable means. I am talking about those who reach out for alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Of course, this means you end up causing harm to yourself to run from pain which can't be good in the long run.

Life will get to you, things will get tough and people will be mean.
So how can you check out without harming your liver, your friendships and your future?

- As mentioned above, let music lead the way. There are some feel good songs (like songs from musicals) or your favourite songs (not attached to any bad memory) that can be a quick pick me up for you so put the speakers on and check out!

- De Technologytox
Okay i made that word up. But for real, switch your phones and other gadgets off and take some time to yourself! Sometimes i am good until some ill-timed text, tweet or call shakes me. Switch things off till you are at peace again

- Walk
The benefits of a walk cannot be overemphasised. Be it for their physical benefits and mental wellness. A walk helps you clear your head and see things from a different perspective,

- Enjoy a glass of wine or drink some tea
While i do not want us all to become alcoholics but a glass of wine  or cup of tea can be soothing. For me, even the act of making the tea is therapeutic in itself and trust, you can't be jittery while sipping wine or tea.
Over do it though and you make things worse so please remember, make it A SMALL glass of wine.

How do YOU check out?

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