#TBDaily Are you really unhappy?

I can't remember what I was doing or when it was but one afternoon I was just sad. You know that sorrow that isn't depression but isn't based on traffic or anything you can put a finger on?

Infact I had to ask myself why I was sad and try as I did, I could not find an answer.

So instead of focusing on this great big sorrow I was feeling, I smiled (physically), and began to thank God for things. I thanked Him for my life, for my family, friends, that I was healthy, that I had a job, a career, a voice, everything!

I had barely gone halfway when I honestly felt that joy bubbling again.

I think sometimes we have a default setting and we have to be careful what that is. Sorrow helps us to feel things but when we wear it around just because, then it becomes a burden we must cast out. I've learnt to ask myself why I'm sad and confess the positive over my life instead.

So next time you are sad, ask yourself If you are truly sad or it is just the devil trying to take your joy away?!

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