#TBDaily 3 Ways to Kickstart your Day!!!

Hi everyone,

It's been a busy day today and I'm writing this on my way home.

I wanted to give you some tips on some things I do (sometimes the day before) that help my 'get up and go' and general core daily.

For this post, I'll do a mix of physical and mental.

1. Plan today yesterday
I take out about an hour each day to prep for the next day. This includes writing out my to-do for the next day, prepping for my show, laying out my outfit and sometimes, even thinking about how I'm going to style my hair.
Let me explain.
I noticed that some days I left home late because I hated the jeans I had chosen or I just couldn't think of what to do with my hair. Then I'd go through the day hating what I'd picked.
So now I lay out my clothes and think about my hair. It actually helps.

2. Eat!!!
My friend was telling me at 5pm today that she just realised she had not eaten all day because she left home early. So I told her to buy cereal and take that in the morning.
Like her, I used to leave home with nothing in my tummy, not even water. It meant I would be at work hungry and end up eating snacks or being unhealthy.
Now I drink tea or have some cereal and it actually helps. Have handy things at home for when you have to leave early (yoghurt, sliced bread, coffee / cocoa mixes, fruits etc).
That way, you at least have something in your stomach!!!

3. Pray!
When I don't start my day off with prayer, I feel lost and listless.
Take at least fifteen minutes to yourself every day to pray, meditate and centre yourself. I find Lagos to be the kind of place where anything can happen so be careful! You want to be emotionally and mentally ready for anything and what better way than to pray?
Do you have any tricks or tips to s.h.a.r.e with us?

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