Hey guys,
As you may already know, Weddings are a big hit in Nigeria. It really is a different ball game entirely- from the rich culture to the decor, make-up, aso-ebi and very importantly the MC.
In my opinion, the MC at a wedding  can make or mar that event, I mean, one wrong statement from them and everyone's upset.
So in my curiousness, I thought to have a chat with one of them so we could have a sneak peek into their world. Today, we are crushing on the amiable Tosin Ibitoye AKA the wedding MC. Interestingly, many of his responses made me smile. I hope it puts a smile on yours as well.
Enjoy ;)

Hi Tosin,
1)     You’re an actor and a wedding MC, has this always been a dream or it just happened? What's the story?

TOSIN:  This has always been the dream. I don’t mean to act and MC weddings are my specific dreams but the dream has always been to entertain and put smiles on peoples faces, so anyway I can do this I am so up for it, even if it’s at the expense of my image.

There is a saying I believe I coined and live by and it’s ‘don’t take like too seriously…you won’t get out of it alive ‘ so anyway, anytime I am willing to make someone smile and help them forget their worries for a few seconds, minutes, days, months or years.

2)      What do you love most about hosting weddings ?
TOSIN:   What I love most about hosting weddings is the privilege to make a certain couple’s big day a memorable one. What gives me the most joy is when my client walks up to me and says ‘thank you very much, you made my day’.

Because it’s not often that people get married twice so the fact that I was able to give these people a memorable first and only wedding that they would remember for the rest of their lives is great.

Oh did I forget to mention that I love the credit alert part?

3)      What's one thing you wish more people would know about you?
TOSIN:  I wish people would know that I don’t really care what they think of me hehehe. I am kidding.

It really isn’t anything, I just wish more people will know about me hehehe.

4)       Your top 3 tips for Emcees starting out in the media industry would be?

TOSIN:  Top three tips would be
-The job/event comes before the money
-Constant improvement of your craft
-Make sure to have fun will working it brings out the best of you.

5)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?
TOSIN:   I would say just one statement to my younger self and my older self and that’s ‘have fun’.

6)      What’s on your mind this Monday?
TOSIN:   This Monday the only thing on my mind is making the world smile one person at a time

Awww, That's it guys hope you enjoyed ;)

If you read till this part, then you should know that the MCM/WCW Segment on this blog will be going on a break. It's been great interviewing all these amazing people. I'm not even going to type much as I'm not even in the mood to be emotional right now ( lol whatever that means) so until I come your way again,

Your friend,

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