Happy Monday to you and yours ;)

If you've ever thought hard about dropping one passion for the other,our MCM today may just be changing your mind about that drop. How he finds ways to embrace all his passions is simply impressive!

He is a Lawyer, musician, actor and voice over artist. He also anchors a show on renowned Fashion and lifestyle channel, Spice TV. Our MCM is the multi-talented Eso Dike. Enjoy ;)

Hi Eso!

1)     You’re a TV Host and voice over artiste, what do you love most about the career path you’ve chosen?

ESO:  What I love most about the career path I've taken is the reach I'm afforded. As a TV presenter, musician, actor, voice over artist and all encompassing entertainer, I'm priviledged to have a platform that lets me showcase my talents, connect, and  influence a boat load of people.

2)      You are a host on renowned fashion and lifestyle channel, Spice TV, how did that come about?

ESO:  Lol. That came about with persistence! I was, (still am) just a young young man who came from Benin and got into Lagos with a dream of being a musician and TV personality. My job came about because of the belief someone at the top had in me. Not everyone gets that chance. I'm lucky....

3)     Any plans of practicing law full time, sometime soon?

ESO: I have a soft spot for the legal profession. I currently still dabble a bit in it (drafting documents, and what not) but ,for the time being, I'm fully immersed in the business of entertainment and media. The good part is, law degrees don't expire. I have plans to go back to 'lawyering' in some capacity in the future.

4)     Before the camera comes on.……..

ESO:  I........get nervous! Lol.

5)     What’s one thing you wish more people would know about you?

ESO: The one thing I wish people would know about me is the fact that I am a musician. Most people know me from the TV shows I present, but not for my music and I'd like that to change.

6)     Your top 3 tips for presenters starting out in the media industry would be?

ESO:  3 tips:
     Please, be humble.
     Be persistent.
     Pick mentors and train yourself to be better than they are.

7)     What’s one thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50-year old' self respectively?

ESO:  20 year old self: Things won't always go the way you wrote it down in your 'book of dreams'. Take it easy on yourself.
     50 year old self: After it's all said and done, hope you've done all you said you would. Your happiness is what's most important. Better recognize!

8)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

ESO: To be a better Eso by Tuesday.

That's it guys,
Stay inspired always.

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