10 Items to Pair with your T Shirt for Work or School

I checked my wardrobe this weekend when thinking of what to wear today (Monday March 12th) and realised (again), that I have quite a number of t shirts.
I tend to wear t shirts at home, or for super casual stuff like chilling with friends but I decided to wear tshirts to work this week. I therefore had to do some digging and thinking to see what to pair my t shirts with to make them chic and work ready.

Here are 10 things you can style your t shirt with for work or school.

Pair with a Dress
Almost similar to the pinafore look is the dress. It can either be a thin strap of sleeveless dress and of course, this works better with a plain t shirt as the dress will cover most of it up.

Pair with a Pinafore
If you can usually get away with a school girl vibe, then please do pair your t shirt with a pinafore. Either go all out by wearing shoes and socks, or keep the outfit the focal point and opt for quieter accessories. No pigtails though.

Pair with Overalls or Dungarees
This one I love because depending on the overalls you go with, you usually end up being a collage of sexy, trendy and cute all at once!

Pair it with a Blazer
Blazers, Long or Short jackets, they will all work in taking that t shirt from casual to business casual, especially if you wear with plain black or dark blue jeans, or pants with it.

Pair it with a Suit
Pant or Skirt suit, throw your t shirt under a suit and people will forget it is a t, especially if it is plain, white or black.

Pair with a Denim Jacket
I personally wear my denim jacket with EVERYTHING but pair with a t shirt and you realise they were probably made for this!
I am not a fan of denim on denim so when I do my denim jacket, I go with leggings or pants, and when I wear jeans, I go with jackets.

Pair with Leather
Leather toughens anything up so be it leather pants or jacket, have fun.
Do watch out though to ensure your leather does not end up make you look more like you're going for a rock concert than to school.

Pair with a Sweater
I should add 'Weather Permitting' to be honest because the sun in Naija is not for babies but if you know it is a cold day or you will be in an air-conditioned room for most of the day, this is a good look to try.

Pair with a Shirt
Throwing a shirt, buttoned or not, on your t shirt dresses it up for work. You can tuck just the t shirt in, or tuck both the t and the shirt.

Pair it with a Skirt
Most times when we think t shirts, we think jeans but skirts are great as well.
You can either go with something flared, or a pencil skirt.
While I do not own one now, I will get one of those tulle skirts and rock with a simple t shirt soon.

Pair with Formal Accessories
I think every 'How-To' style post I write has something about accessories in it and that is because accessories can style a look up or down.
In this situation, you want accessories that will make your t shirt look more formal so reach out for formal pieces like a watch, earrings and bracelets. Aim for solid purses and heels and voila, you will be work ready!

Pair with Pants.
Jeans are common with tshirts but if you do wear a pair of jeans, remember to throw a jacket on as well.
If you want to ditch the jacket however, then a good way to go is pants.
Wide-leg and Culottes will give you the edge while simple tailored pants keep it classy and formal.

Pair with Shorts
Not bum shorts nor hot pants though. Pair with shorts that would work for work.

What are some items you like to pair your t shirts with?

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