How-To Style a Multi-Coloured Top

I woke up a lot earlier than I usually do this morning but it's all good!
I am using that extra time to do some blog posts and then publish for days when I am rushing out of the house.

Speaking of rushing out of the house, the other day, I had to make some quick last-minute decisions because I changed my mind last minute as to what to wear.

I eventually reached out for this multi-coloured top and the next challenge was how to style it.
Naturally busy, one must be careful not to end up looking over the top.

After trying a couple of things, I went with this look- Multicoloured top with shorts, red hat and white shoes.

What I learnt while styling include:

Pick a Colour
Pick a colour or two from the item and work with that. In this case, I picked green and played around with that.
Be careful though not to throw on every single colour on the outfit.

Naturally with accessories you want to go quiet because the top itself is the statement.
If you do have a statement piece you absolutely must wear, stick to just that one piece.

When in doubt, go Neutral
(And remember, Pink is a neutral).
On the real though, reach out for our favourite neutrals to help complement your look perfectly.
I am super partial to white shoes these days but black and nude would work as well.

What's your own tip for styling a multi coloured tip?

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