4 Tricks to Getting the Most out of Your Day

Ever ended a Day feeling like you did not do enough? 

Check out some ways to get the most out of your day!

For this post, I'll do a mix of physical and mental.

1. Plan Today Yesterday

If you want to get a kick-start and make the most of your Wednesday for example, set things out on Tuesday!

I find that days where I don't have to worry about my look are so productive because not knowing or liking what you're wearing takes crucial hours of my day! 

I take out about an hour each day to prep for the next day. This includes writing out my to-do for the next day, prepping for my show, laying out my outfit and sometimes, even thinking about how I'm going to style my hair.

2. Include TIME FRAMES in your To-Do

It is nice to know what you want to do but go a step further by including times as well.

That way, you don't get stuck spending so much time on one thing that you neglect the others. 

Be specific with how much time you want to spend on Shopping, Social Media, Lunch etc and you'll see how much more productive you become! 

3. Do at least One Thing You Love Daily

If you want to feel accomplished daily, then include things you love into your routine. 

Experts say even just one thing is fine but hey, you can go from the perspective of eating, doing and watching one thing you love, and maybe being with one or more people you love. 

4. Refresh, Relax, 'Re-Close'

So many of us work all day, whether at home or work, we just keep working but to ensure you're getting the most of each day, we have to learn to close each day and set a mental closing time. 

That's the time of the day when we don't work, think about work nor plan work. 

It can be 6pm, 8pm, 10pm... Whatever time you know is realistic but do stick to it. 

In the same vein, have a time when you do start work. 

During your downtime, relax, meditate, shut the world out and truly refresh. 

Do you have any tricks or tips to s.h.a.r.e?

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