Hey everyone. Another Wednesday is upon us again, and for many of us, a long weekend lies ahead. How awesome!
Today, we are  crushing on a young, beautiful and talented fahionista! Her name is Grace Alex. She's a fashion blogger and the CEO of Gafa Fashion. Enjoy ;)

1)     You’re the CEO of Gafa sandals, how did you find the confidence to start a business at such a young age? 

GA: Most things I have accomplished at this age happened by chance and sheer inquisitiveness and that was how gafasandals came about. I also wanted to work with the design side of me and achieve it by elevating others out of poverty, which after two years I’ve been able to do to an extent.

2)      You have the most amazing pictures on your blog,Please share with us your most favorite photo of yourself? 

GA: I really can’t pick a favorite photo there are some that aren’t a favorite but my blog has tons of pictures I think readers can check and make a judgment from.

3)     What 3 tips would you say are key for blogging successfully especially in Nigeria ?

GA: Don’t do it because everyone is doing it.

Find what is unique about you and stick to it

Have a technology that can help you tell your story right.

4)     How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?

GA: I stay longer when I shower, to have time to think.

I take long drives and actually religiously go through my Instagram explore page

5)     One thing you'd like to say to your '20 year old' and '50 year old' self respectively?

GA: To my 20 year old self “you need to be more confident in yourself and realize you’re beautiful, and put more strength in reading and perfecting your writing”.

 To my 50 year old self “I hope you understand you still have more to achieve”

That's it guys!
Stay inspired! ;)

Grace blogs at https://gafashion.blogspot.com.ng
Stalk her on Instagram @t2pitchy

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