#TomboyChic The oversized t shirt trend!

Hi guys,
I s.h.a.r.ed this picture of me wearing an oversized t shirt on instagram the other day and i got quite a number of people asking about it.

When you are a short / small person like i am, getting a tshirt as a gift is always a gamble as most people send large or at best, medium. A medium tee for me is almost a dress so instead of fighting it, when i get a tee i like like the one pictured above, i just wear it.

You can get away with the oversized top look if you follow the where and how.

WHERE: This is obviously not the look for class or an important meeting. It is a look that can be casual or trendy. With the dashiki, i wore that outfit for Day 2 of a Youtube training.

HOW: You can wear the trend either on its' own with a belt, or pair with shorts. Flat shoes complete the look for me but if i wear to wear the dashiki at night, i would go all the way and rock some heels instead. 

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