I am always impressed whenever I see people who pursue several interests/ career paths as opposed to the old hat belief that each person should focus on only one thing. I'm definitely an advocate for pursuing as many passions as possible and convenient for you,   as long as they genuinely make you come alive!
You can tell how happy I am that our Man Crush today is an actor, TV Host, fashion consultant and costume designer with credits in movies such as 'Banana Island Ghost'  His name is Diipo Ayo-Adeusi. Enjoy my interesting chat with him! Oh Happy Monday :)

Hi Diipo!

1) You’re an actor; TV host and a Fashion consultant- did you dream about these careers from an early age or they are careers that just fell into your path?

DIIPO: My career path has been interesting and honestly, planned by God. Fashion was just an innate flare and skill I believe was passed down from my parents. However, these days, it seems to be the front-runner among my various career paths.

Acting, on the other hand, I discovered from an early age and I thought could be a possible career path. I watched a lot of Nollywood movies and loved re-enacting them when I was younger. I also wrote my first amateur script at the age of 13 and my friends and I thought I was definitely made for acting, because as far as we were concerned, if you did anything remotely related to entertainment, you had to be an actor. Thankfully, we were right and I went ahead to get my bachelor’s degree in theater arts from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and it’s been a career path since. TV hosting is derived from my acting and people skills.

2) Tell us about the first big gig you ever got and how it made you feel?

DIIPO:  My first major gig came when I was about 18 years old. I got my very first role in the college’s main stage theater production and it was a big deal because people from all over usually came to see our plays. It was a Shakespeare play titled ‘Othello’ and the director felt that it wouldn’t make sense that Othello would come all that way to a foreign land without bringing an ally along so she made my character up and I didn’t have any lines at all because you can’t improvise Shakespeare. However, the first time I walked on to the stage, after we moved from the rehearsal space, it felt so surreal and of all seven plays I did while I was in school, most people remembered me from that first play.

3) Who is your ultimate style icon?

DIIPO:  There’s a few of them and they change as I evolve in life…Right now, I love the authenticity of Korede Roberts and Future (rapper) and I love the classic style of Harry Hart from Kingsman, the movie (played by Colin Firth)

4) Who is that one person you’d absolutely love to consult for but haven’t done yet?

DIIPO: There’s way too many…My ideal client is one who is open minded with his/her sense of expression and appreciates the value of fashion consultancy…maybe Idris Elba and Blake Lively because they can pull off just about anything.

5) Outside of work, what’s your favorite thing to do?

DIIPO: Sleep, binge watch my favorite shows and enjoy fun, intimate moments with my friends.

6) Tell us something you’re very scared of.

DIIPO: I am deathly scared of heights; specifically in open spaces like roller coaster rides.

7) One thing you’d like to change in the fashion industry

DIIPO: I really do hope that we, in the fashion industry, change our approach to creativity, because it is a service to humanity so we can’t afford to be lazy about creating. Also, I hope stylists and consultants in Nigeria become more responsible and disciplined with their duties. Lastly, I hope designers show more diversity and inclusiveness in their business structure.

8)      What’s on your mind this Monday?

DIIPO: My Mondays pretty much have a regular routine at this point. I am thinking about final edits for my show, ‘The Style Embassy’ and I am also thinking about what I am going to talk about on the radio show I co-host, Ignite GLA on Radio.

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Stay Inspired!

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