Hi everyone! I'm so overwhelmed as I write these words and I need you to know that. Before I reached out to our Woman Crush today, I was sure that her pictures would be the main source of inspiration to readers; However when the interview was done,  I wasn't quite sure anymore.From her replies, you could feel honesty and originality so palpable.  You see, I'd like to call her pictures a beautiful contradiction- how she looks calm and sweet in one, and bold and assertive in another, and sometimes you can even find mixtures in one picture-She's truly a photographer's muse.

This beautiful Wednesday, we are crushing  on a freelance TV Host, Reality TV star, a model and a blogger, the one and only Amiola Aguda. Enjoy!

1)      You are a TV presenter, model and a blogger, How did you discover your love for media, professionally? 

I kinda always knew it would be media for me. I actually thought I’d be a newscaster or editor. In High school, I was very actively involved in the Press club, and I’d read the news to the entire school at assembly on Fridays. So, I guess my love for the media stemmed from that.

2)      You have a blog- What inspired you to start it up?

Well, I really enjoy being the subject in photos. A lot of my photographer friends also really enjoy taking photos of me, so I thought to make something out of it, as opposed to just posting on Instagram. And that brought about, which is a visual diary of my collaborations with photographers in our attempt to create art. The goal is to create images, abstract or otherwise, that are fantastic enough to be in exhibitions around the world someday.

3)      Reality TV seems like fun for you, since you feature in shows like 'The Adventures of TASA' and 'Moving up the squad'; How did these come about and what’s the best part about filming for reality TV?

Oh, Reality TV is fun, actually. With TASA, the girls and I have been friends for about 6-8 years or more, and we all at some point, being in the same field, wanted to do travel shows. So we decided to do one travel show that’s like 4 in one, and the amazing people at Red TV helped bring it to life. Moving Up The Squad, also has a similar premise of joining forces. All 5 of us decided to move in together for a while to make living in Lagos easier. Two of the girls are also on TASA, and the other two I’d known from the “media industry”, and so it was the perfect idea. EbonyLife did such a great job making the show happen.

For me, the best part about filming reality TV is the unscripted factor, the realness of it. It’s great when I can be all versions of myself, even on TV.

4)      You are a freelancer, how do you deal with times when there are no gigs ?

I’m still learning to deal with times like this, because it gets frustrating. Very frustrating. But these days, I try to enjoy the free time, read and brush up on myself and skills, connect with people and most importantly, pray for better days.

5)      What’s your biggest fear?

My biggest fear, I would say is not living up to my full potential.

6)      What’s your favourite international TV show?

Haha, it changes with time. Right now, it’s Bojack Horseman on Netflix. Before that, it was Bob’s Burgers and before that was Arrested Development. I wonder what’s next.

7)      A typical fun day for you would be made up of what?

A typical fun day would be made up of good people, lots of laughs, good white wine, great music or movies, and just generally being surrounded with happy, positive vibes. Oh, and with the sun out too. I don’t particularly like rainy days, just nights.

8)      If you could change a popular belief in the world, what would it be and what will you change it to?

That would probably be inequality, in all aspects. So, gender, race, religion, etc., maybe even age as well. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated first as a human being just like yourself. All humans are equal.

9)      If you could go back in time, what important piece of advice would you give to Amiola?-specifically 5 years ago

Trust in the timing of your life, baby girl.

10)   One thing you haven’t done but would really like to do?

I’d really love to learn to play the violin. And I’d also really like to get in the studio and record a song. Soon enough though.

11)   What’s on your mind this Wednesday?

Today, I’m thinking of all the additional zeros my bank account needs to have. Lol. And how you guys are so kind, making me your Woman Crush today. 😊

For more about Amiola, please check here

Stay inspired!


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