Hi guys, I know it's been a minute but we're back and with a bang!  Of course, I have to apologise to readers who constantly come here for weekly momentum; That break was very much needed but allow me to make it up to you with our Man Crush this Monday. Drumroll please!!!!!

He's an actor, model, TV Host and a sweet soul (yea, that's a job too lol) He's half Kenyan, Half Ghanian so basically you can say I traveled all the way to get him here. Today, we are crushing on the amazing Kwame Bonsu. Enjoy!

Hello Kwame!

1)      You are half Kenyan, half Ghanaian, when and why did you decide to move to Nigeria?

KWAME: The Nigerian Entertainment industry is challenging. I love a challenge. I wanted the experience and growth and I have always dreamed of working with the big Nollywood names. I have been in Nigeria on and off since January 2016.

2)      People see the glam side of those in the media industry, without recognizing the work that goes behind the scenes; tell us a bit about what BTS looks like in your industry?

KWAME: Well a lot of viewers and followers always assume that those of us on screen are 'plastic' robots, if you will. We all go through the same struggles in our careers and personal lives just like everyone else. We just love being on camera so much we end up smiling automatically when we hear 'Action!'

3)      If you could change something in the media industry with a switch, what would it be?

KWAME: Remuneration. Most people believe that once your face is on TV then you're rolling in millions. The truth is, the grind is the same in all the sectors.

4)      Have you had any embarrassing moments while hosting a show/ event? Please tell us about it.

KWAME: Yes, I was interviewing Gemstone Twins on EL Now (Ebony Life TV), and my stylist had decided to dress me up in a blanket of a suit. The show was being shot at around 1:30 PM and I was sweating from head to toe. To date, my colleagues and crew still believe it was due to the guests' beauty.

5)      One thing you want to accomplish in life that you haven’t.

KWAME: I want to find out exactly what Admiral Richard E. Byrd found during his expedition in the South Pole.

6)      Your favourite hangout spots?
KWAME: The Back Yard, Spice, Fahrenheit

7)      Your favourite (international) TV show?
KWAME: 106 & Park

8)      What is on your mind this Monday?
KWAME: Money and good vibes.

You can find out more about Kwame Bonsu here:


Stay inspired.

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