I just googled 'Black Hat' and found 3 Looks to always wear a Hat with!

Sometimes when I want to quickly find an answer for something, I do a google search but then I start clicking on all the fun links till it is one hour later and now I have 10 new questions.

Today was no exception and while going from link to link, I stumbled on a post about hats.
I love hats and if I could, I would throw a hat on ANY outfit but I have 3 of my favourite outfits to wear a hat with.

- A dress

Maxi, mini, midi...
It does not matter.
Throwing a hat on when you wear a dress takes you from simple or classic to eclectic.

- Jeans or Pants and anything else

Whether it is a t shirt, a shirt or a tank top and jacket, hats were made for jeans. I never met a pants and hat combo I did not love!
Singer, Fefe.

- Beach or Pool Wear

Throw a hat on when you are at the beach and you will not only look super stylish, but also be safe from the sun!
Now that is fashion I like.

Check out some other outfits to wear your hat with.

Kill your hat combo with this Metrogypsie style inspo!

Your turn.
Tell me what you like to wear your hat with below

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