Hello guys! Happy Monday. If you're a regular reader of this blog, Mondays should have you  hyped already! Our man crushes are always to die for. (you know its true) and this time, there are no exceptions.
Our Man Crush today is Michael Umoudit. He's an artist, fashion and lifestyle model and the C.E.O of Umoudit designs. He creates the most uniquely awesome designs with just markers. How cool is that? I had a chat with him and you can see how obsessed he is with his art.

I'll let his creativity do the rest of the talking. Enjoy :)


1)     How did you discover your love for designs?

MICHAEL:  Creating and doodling patterns have always been a part of me, for as long as I can remember. 'Life in patterns' is one of the phenomenons that best explains 'Life' as a concept to me. I use my art to express life as a collection of phases and stages that sum up to create a pattern (exclusively unique and relative to each individual).

(2).     What inspires your designs and you as a person?
MICHAEL:  I have a preconceived idea and picture in my head and in my imagination. 
In a quest to bring to reality this picture, I use a first line or stroke as a tool to inspire all other lines to recreate the hitherto picture or Vision.
The first line is often characterized by fears, doubts and uncertainty, and can be literally said to be the 'weakest' line; but it's ironically the strongest line from which all other lines gain their momentum and inspiration from. 
I see this scenario as a symbolic representation of the journey towards the realization of our dreams. We have to make that first step in line with accomplishing our dreams, regardless of the doubts that often surrounds this step or move in the direction of our dreams. All other moves gain inspiration and build up on the shoulders of the first decision. 

3)     What’s something about you that people aren’t usually quick to believe?
MICHAEL: Nothing

4) What’s the most important lesson you’ve learnt about life so far?

 MICHAEL:The most important lesson I've learnt from life was acquired off my art; UMOUDIT Designs. 
I've learnt to appreciate life in phases and stages, all sum up to create a unique and distinct pattern, relative from one individual to another. 
This lesson, in a nutshell, likens everyday and it's events to be pieces of a jigsaw puzzle all coming together to shape our individual lives in a special unique way. 

5).   Tell us one of your wildest career dreams.

MICHAEL: I feel like, having an answer to this question will be limiting my potential ability. 
I want to spend everyday getting a step closer to my dreams. In this realm, limitations don't exist, everyday comes with a different oppurtunity and with a unique idea. 
I always look forward to 'tomorrow' knowing fully well that today's success is but a stepping stone to greater heights. 
My wildest career dream will be to continue to break boundaries and set greater goals everyday.

6)     Where’s your favourite place in the world and why?
MICHAEL:My favourite place in the world would be a place filled with creative inspirations and a serene creative space, that's a conducive environment for magic creation.

 7)     One thing you hope to do before thirty.

MICHAEL: The vision of UMOUDIT Designs is to inspire people to achieve their dreams, by highlighting growth as a major factor in ensuring the realization of our dreams. The mission, is to execute this vision globally. 
 Therefore, before I'm Thirty(30) years of age, the brand should have a great global impact, and many more creative initiatives and diversified streams, through which we can continue to implement the visit and objectives of the UMOUDIT Brand on a wider scope and broader platform.
They're 36 states in Nigeria, about 54 countries in Africa, and roughly 195 countries in the world; before I'm thirty, which is about eight (8) years away, as at 2017, UMOUDIT designs will be an established brand that is focused on it's vision and evolving amazingly as it blazes through phases and stages on its path to greatness.

8)     One person you’d really love to paint
One person i'd really love to paint, would probably be my wife, on our honey moon, Lol. 

9)    What’s on your in this Monday?
 I'm currently rounding up my debut Afro-Urban streetwear collection, and a couple budding collaborations. 
I also have 'The danfó story' project out; a project that uses Afro tribal patterns on a danfò bus to explain the symbolism of the scenario of the danfo bus transit, in Lagos, Nigeria.
Meanwhile, we still taking orders on our Leather caps in custom Acrylic hand painted afrotribal patterns.

 You can watch his project "Danfo Story' here -

Stay Inspired,

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