#WinWednesday I went to a Primary School today.. Would you go back if you could?

Today i went to visit my niece in her school. It was her birthday and we brought pizza and a cake and it was so interesting being in a school again.

I have been back on the premises of different schools but usually never during actual school sessions so the feeling was a bit surreal.

Kids running around and greeting everyone they walked by on a corridor, and little chairs and tables. Is it not funny that when we were their age, we absolutely thought we were so big?
I was looking at these kids, even those that were close to my height (sigh) and i wanted to whisper to each one of them, "Enjoy it. Don't grow up too fast".

I told my sister as were leaving, "I couldn't go back. You know all these people that ask if you would go back if you could? I wouldn't. At least not here".

If i could go back, I would go back to a few years ago. While time has a way of making everything about the past feel beautiful, the truth is, I can't imagine sitting in class and studying. I cannot imagine going back to always feeling something was wrong and always wondering why i did not seem to fit in.

Back then, i cried alot because i felt shut out of everything. These days, i love my weirdness.

I think the benefit of growing up and getting to 30 is, you start to actually enjoy it. Life, Your own company, Your body... You actually start to like yourself.

If I could go back, I would do 3 things
- Enjoy it a bit more
- Panic a lot less
- Lose more bad habits.

We may not be able to go back, but we can start getting it right now.
Everyday i can enjoy my life a bit more, panic a lot less, and lose bad habits.

What about you?

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