#FashionFriday 4 ways to Style it like a Soul Chic

Okay let’s be honest, it’s not easy being a soul chic here because we do more classic styles and everyone is afraid of breaking out of the norm.
But, if you find yourself drawn to a certain style, here’s a guide on how.

Earthy Colours
Soul sisters know that browns, leaf green, leaf yellow and other shades of earthy colours transform you immediately.
If you want to try the soul chic look, start with some earthy colours.

Skirts must flare
What is it with soul and skirts? Skirts are great for loads of looks including gypsy, corporate and even edgy but on a soul sister, a flared skirt makes you look instantly stylish.

When it comes to accessorising like a soul chic, more is more.
One bangle is never enough. Pile it on. One neck piece? Who are you? A minimalist?
Soul is about the layers, especially when it comes to accessories so go crazy.

Don’t neglect your hair
From headwraps to bows and buns, the soul chic’s style mantra is “I must, I must, I must not forget my hair”.

I hope these four tips help you.
Where all else fails, ask yourself, would Aramide, asa or India Arie wear this? Lol

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