#MondayMotivation Maybe what matters is what you say about yourself, not what they say about you.

I do not know why but this sentence, 'Just because they play the music does not mean you have to dance to it' keeps presenting itself to me.
Or maybe i do know why.

It is easy to get caught up sometimes in what has been said or will be said about you. If i do abc, they will say xyz, or, they say i am uvw... It is a lot of ' they said ' and 'they will say' which my friends, can be crippling for you.

It is possible that some of the things people say about us are, maybe slightly exaggerated but true all the same. They may be right that you are lazy or a quitter, not the funniest nor the most put together. It does not however make it all true, nor less deserving of success.

People may question you, laugh at you or brand you a failure but the truth is, until you yourself say these things, then you are not losing.

While taking advice and striving for perfection is a good thing, do not let what people say become true by giving it life yourself.

Once again remember, maybe what matters is not what people say about you, but what you say about yourself. What are you saying?

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