Wednesday is here and it's great to have another working day after such a long holiday (for my fellow Nigerians)
Today we are crushing on the beautiful, talented Zainab Balogun. She's a TV personality, model and actress and guess what, shes NOT stopping. Enjoy my interview with her ;)

Hi Zainab

1)     Describe your life in three words.
Fun, challenging and blessed!

2)      You’re a TV Host, model, and actress, what inspires you to continue to do more even now that you’ve attained great heights?

I am inspired by the extent of my ambitions. Even though I have achieved  a certain level of success, there are still so many things and people I want to reach. I want to be a part of real change and that comes with doing more, a lot more!

3)      You have a new movie coming out soon- ‘The Royal Hibiscus Hotel’ Was acting a dream or something that came along the line?

I have been acting since 2008. An opportunity to become a part of a Nigerian TV series in 2012 was what had me packing my bags in London. Acting has always been a part of my life.

4)      Please share with us one of the lowest points of your life and how you keep yourself going during the low days.

One of the lowest points in my life was not knowing where I was going with my career a few years ago and if I had made the right decision to move to Nigeria. I was working here and there but I wasn't particularly happy or fulfilled. My tribe of family and friends were able to reassure me that what I felt was temporary and the only way to reach my goals was to literally move.

5)      Tell us one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in life.
Moving to Nigeria when I did was one of the best decisions I ever made. It took me a while to realise it but it was worth it.

6)      How do you deal with negativity on social media and what’s your major rule when it comes to using social media (if any)?
I try my best to ignore the negative views. Its not easy and I have had a few good clapbacks in my old days. You attract the thing you give energy and time to. Most of these views come from people who simply want your attention and will say the most horrible things to get it. My advice is, don't feed the trolls!

7)      You are quite young and accomplished; if you could give a piece of
advice to young people chasing their dreams, what would it be?

My advice is to stay on the course, work your blessing and be prepared!

8)      What’s on your mind this Wednesday?
Food! I always have food on my mind.

lol I hope you enjoyed that!
Stay inspired,

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