Hi everyone! Happy holiday! (if your work allows). So if you are social media savvy, you will know that there are photographers and there are PHOTOGRAPHERS. Today we are crushing on a PHOTOGRAPHER. With unusual eyes and an impressive knack for creating images, Yemi Teibo is documenting moments for generations unborn. 

Yemi Teibo

1) You take very creative shots, how do you choose stories to create?
First of all I like to say I think upside down I'm quite spontaneous I don't like to create stories I let the story create itself as it is. That way there's no limit to what will be created but then I have certain principles that guide me.

2) What are the 'ingredients' for a perfect shot?
For a perfect shot the most important thing is lighting you just have to get it right, then secondly the subject whoever or whatever you are shooting has to be on the same page with you and also express themselves at the same time, lastly your camera as a whole it's settings, your lens, your camera angles and positioning all have to speak the same language at the same time, like an orchestra.

3) What's been the most memorable photo shoot you've ever had?
My first ever pre-wedding shoot the client hired two separate photographers and on the day of the shoot, I came with my camera and two lenses and my light. Then I saw the other photographer and all the equipment he brought.I was intimidated and too shy to even bring out my own equipment but then I picked myself up took the pictures and left already expecting the clients to pick his pictures over mine because of all he brought; so I Went home that day, I edited the pictures and delivered only for me to see almost all my pictures mostly used and the other photographer's own rarely used. It's memorable because I didn't let what I saw bring me down. I still went to give my best and it paid off. I will never forget that experience.

4) What are your days usually like?
well, I don't have days or a typical I just have hours of life because most times when everyone is asleep I'm up shooting, editing, designing or reading when everyone is awake I'm probably resting but then I'm a serial entrepreneur too so if I'm not shooting, editing, designing, resting and I'm in meetings trying to seal deals here and there and I also design clothes my collection is coming out soon. But one thing I never forget to do in my "hours of life" is praise God. He is the reason for 

5) How do you keep yourself constantly inspired?

 My inspiration comes from God when I praise him he inspires me. My emotions also inspires me When I'm very happy I create different when I'm down I create different. Good music also inspires. I listen to I lot of music and finally I let other photographers inspire me too. I surf the internet a lot in search of all kinds of images that suits my style and let them inspire me.

WOW, that was  a lot of wisdom to hold on to.
Stay Inspired!

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