#Skincare Say goodbye to stress, and say hello to great skin!

My friend, Gbemi, tweeted something the other day which got me smiling.

It got me smiling because we often times do not realise how much the emotional affects the physical. We have always been told, don't frown or when the wind blows your face will stay like that, or laugh your troubles away and while not everything can be solved by laughing, our skin does benefit from our being happy.

While we cannot control every single change we go through based on environment and getting older, we can practise certain things that will help.

For one, worry less, pray more.
Studies show that people who worry a lot show it... on their faces.
Look, if it is worth worrying about, it is worth praying about and the latter won't age you!

Also, smile and be happy.
Once again, your skin shows signs of anger, hate, bitterness, and unhappiness.

We tend to think (wrongly) that what goes on in our mind stays there but alas, it does show.
So if you can do just one thing for your skin, make it this- be happy!

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