#StyleSaturday Saved by the striped pants!

Last week, i went for the Stylvo Creatives Connect event.

I wrote about it for Kwesefied here.

My stylist and i had picked out what i was going to wear- oversized white shirt with a maroon jacket. It was chic and definitely not my usual style.
Sadly, the next day, after putting on my make up, i went to get dressed and i just could not wear it because the shirt was too rumpled and i was running late.
So there i was trying not to panic as i watched the clock tick.
I began looking at what i had and trying to think of what to mix and match quickly.

In the end, my eyes landed on these striped pants and it was a bingo moment.
Once i knew i was going with the pants, everything else became easy. I would have liked a white shirt with it and now i know one item i simply must buy next shopping spree.

Next best option was the sleeveless blue shirt i eventually went with.
Although black items tend to be the most versatile items in your wardrobe, dark blue tops come a close third. White is of course number 2.

So i threw it on, tucked it in, grabbed my white shoes and dashed out of the house.

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