#StyleStory My favourite little black dress

Everyone has that one thing they bought that was just a good buy.
Not only was it a good buy when you actually got it, but it still proves to be a good buy weeks, months and hey, years after!

For me, it is this little black dress from 'Mango'.

I cannot remember why i walked into that Mango store, or when, but boy am i glad i did. I picked up this dress and i think it must have been for some event or the other, which i did wear it to. but since then, it has become the little dress that could.

When the style gurus said every wardrobe needs a little black dress, they never lied. I have worn this dress to a concert, for a date, on a girls' night out, and to work and a press conference.

Do you see now why it is my favourite?

I can dress it up with heels for a party, with bold accessories for a television appearance, keep it simple with white contrasts for a date and rock it with flats for work.This really is the superhero of all clothes in my wardrobe.

Tell me, do you have that one good buy currently in your wardrobe?

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