WCW: NINIOLA and the real reason for the song MARADONA

Today is Wednesday and we are crushing on the beautiful, amazing NINIOLA! We had a chat with her to find out the inspiration for her new song, MARADONA (she spills all the juice). We also asked her to tell us one fact about her that people aren't always quick to believe, and it was quite an interesting one. If you'll like to know what it is,  keep reading! ENJOY

Niniola is a singer and songwriter.  She rose to prominence in 2013 after finishing as third runner-up on the sixth season of Project Fame West Africa.
 Hi Niniola, 

1)      Your most recent song, Maradona is a lovely one; what was the inspiration for the song?

Thank you so much dear, we give God the glory for that LOL...Well we were all in the studio while Sarz was making the Beat, he got to the point when he wanted me to record and I started vibing and dropping just melodies, when we got to the chorus MARADONA was the only thing that popped in my head and he went on and said "yes that’s the chorus". So as soon as I got the chorus and melody, all that was left was to write, then I just pieced my personal experience with other people’s experiences and that was how we got the song MARADONA lol.

2)      You have an amazingly unique voice, if you could do a duet with any artiste in the world, who would it be?
 LOL thanks again, your compliments are making me blush o lol...Well if I wanted to, it will have to be CELINE DION. There are others but for now let’s leave it at Celine.

3)      Nini, your style is quite different from the usual, were you ever at any point, scared that your music wouldn’t be well received by the public?
Honestly I wasn't scared...First of all I thank Sarz for giving me IBADI because he helped me get that sound, then I will also thank My manager Michael (Naijareview) who always told me "Nini if it's good music, I will sell it". With these two guys, all I did then was relax and have them do their jobs and that’s was what got me here. But then I still made sure I brought my sound home with the yoruba language infusion.

4)      What genres do you love to listen to?
Oh that will be Country, RnB, Pop, Jazz, Folk, House, EDM and Afrobeat most times it depends on my mood.

5)      Tell us one quirky thing about you that many people aren’t quick to believe?
I guess that will be the fact that I am an introvert. People usually don't believe.

6)      If you could give a piece of advice to younger Niniola, what would it be?
Never give up, don't let anyone tell you it can't be done (never take No); and chase your dream till you achieve it
Thank you!

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