#PinkFootball Thank God for Ronaldo

So on Sunday, Manchester United played and Pogba scored. Even though l'usband has tried to explain to me over and over that since Pogba is NOT a striker he wasnt bought to score goals, but i think some of the banter does get to you and you start to wonder why your very expensive players can't get you back to top three.

Yes i am a Manchester United fan. I remember once crying so much when Manchester United lost a champions league game, and being so distraught that i could not even eat and i even had palpitations and i swore i was done with football and being a fan.
That did not last long. I have jerseys, i follow everyone on social media and sometimes during a game, i kneel in front of the television urging my players on.

So Pogba scored and Man U won,
The 6th position.

Like what the actual frag?!
I feel sorry for some players like Ibrahimovic and i'm always like De Gea 'pele'.

I do not know who we have offended but an unbeaten run full of draws, monumental losses to Chelsea and other clubs and just a general continued descent from glory has left me a sad fan.

Then of course Falcao has to win the Ligue 1 with Monaco and he must be feeling like, thank God i jumped ship sharp!
And my French team Olympique De Marseille has not completely returned to glory days yet so ladies and gentlemen... THANK GOD FOR RONALDO.

1. i love that man
and 2. Real is my reserve club. I support Real in all games in Europe and Spain and i am so excited that yesterday, Ronaldo and Benzema sealed things for them.

Congratulations to Real Madrid and heyyyyy Ronaldo! Call me.


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