#TosynTravels By the deserts of Saint Louis...

I went to Senegal in March. It was a quick and brief trip as i had only a few days off work and also had to host #TosynsBuzzLive, well live, on Pulse.

Brief but well worth it.

I think it is interesting that not all Africans travel within Africa, especially around countries where as Nigerians for example, we do not need visas. There are actually a lot of countries, for example, ECOWAS countries, where Nigerians can enter without visas and they are beautiful places.

There is a lot to s.h.a.r.e about my trip to Senegal so expect to see little posts from time to time. Today, i would like to s.h.a.r.e specifically about Saint Louis.

Saint Louis is also known as 'Ndar' in Wolof and is home to the famous Saint Louis Jazz Festival which i unfortunately missed this year but will pencil down for next year by His Grace.

Saint Louis is a simple place, with narrow roads s.h.a.r.ed by cars like the taxi that drove us there, bicycles and horses and carriages. It was fascinating to see horses, not in the randomly grazing on a field or playing polo context, but actually on the road beside me, taking people to work.
On the side of some roads was water water water with canoes and people fishing.

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Mermoz which really was my favourite of all the hotels i stayed in there. First the rooms were simple, spacious and had a home feel to them, but the real joy was all the sand and sea we were surrounded by.

I loved nothing more than to walk around and take pictures, or sit outside to read in the sand.
If you go to Saint Louis. please do check them out.

They offer guided tours and Aurelien went on one. I will beg him to write about it. I spent the time doing what i love doing most- sleeping, eating, and walking.

We headed back to Dakar by road. But this time, not via the busy intercity roads we came by, but via the desert. And that was when the fun tripled.

Picture this- you, a jeep, water and sand with birds so close by and you driving not just BY the water, but actually IN the water, going past fishing villages and villagers. I loved it!

Then we went to one of the deserts proper and drove round then got back to the fishing villages and then headed into town proper.

(It was not all fun and romance though as we got caught up in the worst traffic ever. I live in Lagos so if i think a traffic situation was bad, you know it was BAD).

So where to go? Saint Louis
When to go? Aim for May to catch the Saint Louis jazz festival
Who to go with? A friend, bridal party, or your partner
What to pack? If you are in your hotel you can do shorts and bikinis but for trips around the town, keep it stylish but modest.
What to try? Definitely the ...

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