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It's another exciting Monday; Happy democracy day. Today we are crushing on the guy with the angelic voice, romantic act and fine face, *drumroll* Ayoola Ayolola. He's popular for his role as 'Mide' in the renowned series 'Skinny Girl in Transit' and is also the winner of Project fame, season 5. Everyone loves Mide so why not have him as our MCM?

He's an actor, singer and speaker.

1) You are a singer and are now very well known for acting. Which is more fun for you and if you had to pick one, which would it be?

It's a privilege to be accepted in both worlds.. if I had to choose I'll choose music and movies lol.. it's honestly difficult to pick one as I have genuine love for both.

2) You tend to take on romantic roles and act them out fantastically well, do you think you’re just as romantic in real life?

 I guess I am, but most importantly,  I am an actor,  and I believe I'm doing something right for you think my on screen roles are a reflection of my reality.

3)   If you could sing a love song to a character in SGIT, asides Tiwa, who would it be?

That would be 'Shalewa,'  such a beautiful soul.

(4) What’s been the most unexpectedly exciting moment of your life?

 So many moments like that o,  but one that stood out was the moment I won the music competition, project fame West Africa, in 2012.

(5)   Today is Monday, if you could send a note to your 20 and 40 year old self. What would both notes say?

To my 20 year old self:- "Don't be in a Hurry, enjoy this moments. Your tomorrow is sorted"
To my 40 year old self:- "thank God you made it this far, he's still there to take you through another 40, so relax, but keep pushing

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Stay Inspired!

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