Hi everyone, its another beautiful Monday (Don't you just love Mondays? LOL). Today we are crushing on a combination of two halves. Dong get scared, its Tunji Onigbanjo , The Lawyartist- Half Lawyer, Half artist.

1)      You have an incredible talent, have you ever considered leaving law to chase arts full time?
No I haven’t however whenever I’m asked “what if you get a multi-million/billion dollar deal for your art” my answer is “yes I would leave law”. I’m not a crazy person.

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law and arts? Genius!

2)      What/who inspires your artworks?
 This changes from time to time. Sometimes it’s a cartoon from my childhood, sometimes it’s some random thought that pops into my head while driving. In summary, I am inspired by cartoons, pop culture, artists I consider as mentors and my instincts.

3)      If you could paint one person in the world, who would be your muse?
Fisayo Longe. She strikes the coolest poses.

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4)      What’s the best feedback you’ve ever got from your work and from what painting?
Best feedback: Whenever I am told that my drawings inspire others to draw or make art in general. I have gotten this on account of different drawings from quite a few people.

In terms of feedback meaning popularity of a piece, it’s my Yoruba boy smiley. It was bought even before I finished drawing it and I later on used it and its female counterpart on merchandise, which got rave reviews.

5)      It’s Monday. Tell us how you combine law with arts; how does time management play in for you?
 Yes it’s Monday, the world’s favourite worst day. This one doesn’t feel so bad.
I try to draw every day after my 9-6 as a lawyer; it’s really that simple. It’s simple but consistency is key, as I have to draw every night, however brief, to ensure my skill and portfolio keep growing. For me it started as a talent but is fast transitioning into a second career hat. People say my head is big, so I can wear two. 

That was a funny one! Be sure to follow him on social media :
Snapchat: Lawyartist


Stay inspired!
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