#WinWednesday 4 things my sister taught me

My sister celebrated her birthday this week and so i wanted to celebrate her by dedicating this week's #WinWednesday to her.

You don't choose your family, but i am grateful for mine. When it comes to Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, i am a fan as much as a sister. Growing up i would follow her around. Or at least, try. I still follow her though, just not physically.

There are certain things she has taught me without even saying anything and these four are my favourites.

- Be an all-rounder
In the Bible when some mischievous people asked Jesus a question to trip Him up, he said, "Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..."
I think Funke is one person who is able to balance having time for her career, her family, her social life, and her faith.

- Do. Then do more.
My sister can't stop doing. And what's more, she does not let criticism, doubts, fear, or anything else stand in her way. If Funke wants to do it, she will. And she will do it in her own beautiful way! I love it!

- Grow.
She always always wants to be better, especially when it comes to her companies. She listens to advice, consults and tries things to make herself and her work better. She has strong work ethic and i like that she is firm. Her high standards that she demands are not just for others; she demands the best from herself as well.

- Take care of family
Or make that, 'people'. If she can help, she will,

There is a lot more. Like how she forgives easily and gets along with practically everyone, bringing that Biblical line, " at peace with everyone" to life. I love it.

Happy birthday once again to the almost only sugar in my tea. I love you!

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