#ShopTosyn 3 cool ways to get away with rocking Shorts, to Work!

Hi all,
Did you have a good weekend? I did, mostly.

While i was looking through pictures for what to post on instagram earlier this morning, i went past a couple of my 'shorts' pictures. I do love shorts and i wear them to work, for meetings and conferences, when i travel, to hang outs... Now i work in Media and Entertainment so it is fine in my case but not everyone can get away with wearing shorts to work, or school.

I wore this to host my Tosyns Buzz Live show at Pulse

Or can you?

Check out three things to note if you do want to rock shorts to work!

This has been one of my favourite pairings. This was for work at the radio station and then off to host TBL

1. Know your office culture
Some offices allow you wear anything any day, while others are more relaxed on Fridays only. Whatever it is, find out so that when you do rock those shorts, you are not also rocking your way into a suspension!

2. The length, colour and fabric choice matter
The truth with most clothes is, it is not just what they are called, but also how they are presented.
For the office or a more formal environment, look for longer shorts or culottes (a little above knee length), go for neutrals and darker colours like black and grey, and stay away from fabric like lycra!

This is re-rock chic right here, taking the shirt from one look and pairing with shorts from another for the #YoutubeNG training

But what is a Tosyn without her hat?

3. Pair them right!
What you wear WITH the shorts is just as important as the shorts too. Aim for a dressy top, white shirt, and jackets which are always great at turning anything including leggings, into office wear so a cute jacket would also work.
For shoes, if you go for flats, make it the less casual type, so a pair of brogues or loafers, and if you like heels, remember not too high.
Style your hair properly and use minimal accessories and you are good to go!

When the patterns clash but clash so well!

These are more short cullotes and i love how versatile they are

This is actually a play suit underneath the jacket but same effect. This was more for a night event though

Which of my 'shorts to work' look do you like the most?
A, B, C, D, E, F or G?
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