That 2 Day YoutubeNG training i really needed!

My body aches! And i do not even know how that happens from a two day training but wait, yes i do know.

It happens because first i had this big bag with me that in itself can be seen as weights, then i did a lot of networking, filming, taking stairs (day 2) and DANCING (day 1).

DISCLAIMER: Any videos of me dancing to Small Doctor's "penalty" have been doctored. That is my story and i am sticking to it. Thanks.

No not like a complete goodbye. I meant, goodbye on that point. Now let us talk about why we are really here- the Youtube training i TOTALLY NEEDED!

I first opened a Youtube account back in 2012 but hardly used it. For me, it was just a need to open an account on any platform i could for the future. Since then, i have had starts and stops and while i knew i wanted to be better at youtubing, i didn't always know how.

Cue me starting this year off praying for specific things and then lines starting to fall in pleasant places. While my Youtube figures were not impressive, my other Google and Social Media figures were so it was just a case of finding the what and sticking with it.
That is why practically a week of Google events, and especially the first two days this week which were intensive youtube training sessions were obviously God-sent.

What did i learn?
1. Everyone has a story, they have a right to s.h.a.r.e.
2. Consistency as with a lot of other things, is one of the keys to success on youtube.
3. Keep it Simple Stupid
4. And that applies to everything- your thoughts, your ideas, everything.

I will do a video explaining a bit more so watch out for that.
In the meantime, i have a question for you- what kind of youtube content would you like to do?

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