Hi everyone. Happy new week. I SMELL FINE BOYS THIS MORNING. LOL. Oh we have one as our MCM today. He's an actor, vlogger and presenter. It's Akah Nnani. My interview with him- I'd say it was a breath of fresh air. Enjoy

Hi Akah!

1)      Describe your life in three words
 God. Good friends. Loyalty.

2)      Your YouTube Channel has received so much traction over time, what would you say has helped you in particular, to grow on Youtube?
I think the singular factor has been consistency and also honesty. I can be brutally honest as I share my opinions on Akah Bants. Also, Akah Bants makes people happy. People enjoy it.

3)      You’ve acted in several films including EL’s ‘On the Real.’ Why acting? And what do you like most about it?
I was an actor before even being a vlogger. Acting for me is just the beat way of stretching myself and my art. It gives me the opportunity to tell stories with my body and my mind. It takes me and my audience to a different world; the thrill of it all and the challenge I face most times in getting it right is oh so addictive.

4)      Do you have any weird fetishes?
Lmao! Nope. My fetish is absolutely not weird, and it is definitely not for public knowledge.

5)      What advice will you give your child about life?
Search God and Find yourself.

Thank you.

Stay inspired!

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