#OOTD Monochrome Magic for Day 1 of #YoutubeNG

When i got the first set of emails about the Youtube Creator sessions, i saw Day 1 was scheduled to be a long day- 9am to 7pm.
I didn't focus on what they would be teaching for that long, just on the most comfortable thing to wear for it.

Truth is, when it comes to clothing and styling, different things dictate what we wear. For me, i like to be comfortable, and if it is going to be a long day, i like to wear things that won't look great at 9am but be rumpled and dirty by 7pm.

Obviously white would be a no no, no? Not if it is a comfy white shirt that looks good crisp or slightly weathered. Watch on youtube

Top: Sisley
Shorts: Random Buy
Shoes: Tash

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