Hi guys! Happy new week, it’s the last week in November and I’m super excited the year is coming to an end.  Today, we are crushing on someone who has made a name for himself in the Nigerian Entertainment industry with superb acts in movies like Surul'ere, Gidi Up, Ojukokoro and Africa Magic’s  'Hustle' among others. He's an actor, voice over talent and MC, our Man Crush is the talented Seun Ajayi. Enjoy ;-)

Hi Seun!

1)      You’re an actor, why did you choose acting and how did you know this was what you really wanted to do? 
SEUN: I would honestly put it differently, that acting chose me. You see in my late teens I was in a bit of a struggle to find my identity and what my passion was. I had at many different times been a performer in church and other smaller platforms but I never thought of it professionally. One day while I watched the making of Spielberg's Minority Report, I was enthralled by the world behind creating such magic. That day, I just knew it was movies for me. Took a while to make the transition to professional levels but eventually that happened.

2)     Your role in ‘Surulere’ gained quite a lot of traction, how did you prepare for it?
SEUN: Arinze in Surulere was quite the experience, it was very refreshing working with the Director; Mildred Okwo, who I have to thank for guiding me along the lines of bringing that character alive. Weeks before we  hit production she would have long conversations with me about the character and the film. She did her directorial work way before the camera was powered on. This helped me to create a robust persona off the pages of the script.

3)     What do you love most about your career?
SEUN: What I like most about my career is the privilege of influence that it gives me.  How people are awestruck by the fact that I play a character they can relate with. To me I'm just doing my job but to them it's like magic. I love that about my work.

4)     Tell us one valuable lesson you’ve learnt from acting and how it relates to real life.

SEUN: There is a depth of concentration that is required for me to hit those emotional  notes in a performance. Whether it's a deeply emotional scene or one where I make an absolute fool of myself. There has to be a mental commitment to seeing it through, else I won't believe the performance and if I don't... nobody else will. The lesson here is, If you don't believe in your dreams and have the unwavering focus required... then no one else can buy into the vision.

5)     What’s one(or more)  Hollywood  movie(s) you wish you could co-star in?
SEUN: 1.  300 (If they ever make another instalment)
          2. Anything Ridley Scott directs
          3. I'd like to voice one of Disney's animated features, maybe play a villain.

6)    What are three things that make you happy?
1.Faith in God & presence of Family
2.Living at full potential
3. Conquering things that scare me

7)     What’s one piece of advice that you hold dearly.

SEUN: When you are presented with two choices, take the path that secures your tomorrow, not the one that gives pleasure only for now.

8)     Please tell us one thing you would like to change in the Nigerian film industry?
SEUN: The thing that consumes my heart daily is the lack of financial stability among many professionals within the industry, on the scene and behind the scenes. I think it's a state of emergency and we need to talk about it and start fashioning ways to end the cycle of lack.

9)     What’s on your mind this Monday?
SEUN: This Monday I am thinking a lot about just being better; being a better husband and family member, a better actor, a better friend, a better citizen of the country and the world. I am sent to these different sects of life and I am poised to do right by them all, so you see my point.

Stay Inspired!

PS: If you have anyone you’d like for me to interview, please let me know in the comments section.

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