Hola mi Familia! Hows everyone doing? Today we have an amazing photographer who is one of the three founders of 'Ordinary and Art', a creative  establishment that aims at uniting fashion and photography. *Drumroll* Our man crush is the one and only James Emmanuel.

Oh by the way the first three words in this post mean 'Hello my family' but you probably figured that out already. Enjoy :)

Hi James!

1)      Why did you choose photography as a career path and is there any other career path you wish to follow in future?
JE: I choose photography because it feels good to capture moments and tell stories with your photographs and getting paid to do what you love is just a cruise. For the future, i plan on delving into full media, from photography to videography.

2)      Tell us about one of the most inspiring moments you've ever had (what happened and why it inspired you?)
JE: One of my most inspiring moment was when one of my mentors commended my works and told me his story of where he started from, what he had to do to get to where he is. It made me realise that there is a process and you have to endure through the process to attain the height you have set for yourself.

3)      If you could remove one thing from the photography (creative) industry, what would it be?
JE: What I would remove is the lack of diversity. This has affected a lot of creatives; they have mentors and they want their works to look exactly like them. Now everyone has their own style so every creative should strive to achieve his/her particular style to make them stand out.

4)      What's one thing you hope to have done in the next five years?
JE: In the next 5 years, I hope to have completed my masters degree in photography and would have began my media agency. oh and yeah gotten married *winks

5)      Roughly, how many hours do you work for daily?
JE: It depends on the workload, some days I have jobs that take the whole day, sometimes I have a truckload of pictures to edit, and some days I am just chilling *smiles

6)      Tell us a  very important lesson you’ve learnt from photography that actually applies to real life.

JE: One lesson I have learnt in photography is valuing yourself. No one would value you as much as you value yourself. If you have a strong value system, you tend to be more respected.

7)      One quality you admire about yourself? 
JE: One thing I admire about myself is being able to meet people and make them feel good about themselves. I hear people say I have a sanguine personality.

 8) A typical fun day for you   would be made up of what? 
JE: A typical fun day would be having an open studio session with friends, playing videos games and eating pizza and icecream.

9)     What's on your mind this Monday?

JE: Whats on my mind? planning to make this new week very productive.

Stay Inspired!

(Is there anyone you'll like me to interview? Comment below and you can be sure I'll be working on it soon.)

A FEW PHOTOS BY Ordinary &Art

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